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Inside Calgary’s bean-to-bar sweet shop, Coppeneur Chocolatier

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We’ll never get the golden ticket, but that won’t stop us from living like Charlie Bucket post-Wonka Factory. No, Calgary’s Coppeneur Chocolatier does not have tiny orange men with a Rolodex of catchy musical numbers. What they do have though, is an incredible inventory and a passion for the delish.

The 1st Street sugar shack is a small batch, artisan bean-to-bar chocolate shop, and it’s honestly kind of magical. They produce world-class sweets using only ethically gathered cocoa beans a single batch at a time. That’s a commitment, folks!

Coppeneur is actually pretty generous, too. These guys ship their beans all over Canada for fellow chocolate makers to use! These other connoisseurs include Soma, Hummingbird, Sirene, Palette de Bine, Chocosol and McGuire. Sharing is caring, right?

They also send cocoa to the American market that includes makers like Patric, Dick Taylor and Dandelion, which they sell at the store as well!

This family-owned store may have already created award-winning bean-to-bar products, but it doesn’t stop them from creating the new and exciting bestsellers of tomorrow. Their current products include individual bars, flavoured bars, truffles, pralines, hot chocolate, couverture and cocoa powder, which you can use at home to make your own. Ooh, sounds like a weekend plan to us.

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You can check them out on Stephen Ave from Tuesdays to Sundays. We just might be making the trek from the office before too long here. There’s no 8-foot tall gate or glass elevator that shoots from the roof, but you won’t miss it!


Where: 805 – 1st Street SW, Calgary

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