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Here’s where to get the best Brazilian BBQ in Calgary

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Carnivores, rejoice! Gaucho Brazilian BBQ is here to shave giant skewers of sizzling meat onto your plate, right here in Calgary. That is, if we don’t get to it first. Here’s the scoop on the best Rodizio restaurant in YYC.

brazilian bbq calgary

If you’re into pork loin, top sirloin, beef ribs, sausage, bacon-wrapped chicken, lamb, or all of the above, you’re in for a treat. Leave your little green cardboard cow on “go” and the servers will keep harassing you with meat, which sounds questionable but is really great in this one instance.

brazilian calgary

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brazilian calgary

Veggie fans, don’t worry. We’ve probably lost you at this point, but in case you’re still here there’s feijoada, farofa, and taças. The fun just doesn’t end here.

So, will we see you there for some good old Brazilian BBQ, Calgary style? Honestly, we’re not mad either way. If you don’t show that just means more bacon-wrapped goodness for us…

Gaucho Brazilian BBQ Calgary

Where: 5920 Macleod Trail S

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