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Here’s how to score FREE “Deerioca” bubble tea this weekend

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So, deerioca. Nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative. Gets the people goin’. And also, it’s Taiwanese bubble tea chain The Alley’s specialty. They’re officially opened their first AB location not too long ago, and guess what Calgary? They’ve decided it’s time for a belated party. AKA you’re in for some free bubble tea.

This place makes the dough, kneads it, rolls it, and creates the delicious texture and aroma from scratch. Why the deerioca name? Don’t worry Bambi, it’s just a play on their antler-y logo.

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The Alley also makes their own sugar cane syrup, too. They pick all-natural, high-quality sugar canes and boil them in-house for an original flavour. Trust us, this stuff is tasty.

You definitely have to try the Deerioca Puff, their signature drink mixed with sweet custard pudding. Or go for Deerioca Matcha. Or the Jasmine Green Milk Tea. Honestly, just try it all.

Anyway, here’s the info you really came for. The Alley will be offering 100 Calgarians FREE bubble tea starting at 3pm on June 22 and 23. Don’t think you’ll get there in time? Don’t worry. Just pop by after for 15% off select specialty drinks.

We’ll see you there for some free bubble tea, Calgary!


Where: 233 Centre St. S
When: FREE bubble tea starting at 3pm on Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23

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