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Happy Hour of the Week: The funniest cocktail names in YYC at Cleaver

Via Curioicty Group


Well, Calgary. We really thought we laid the puns on thick, but we may have met our match. This resto is not only this Curiocity Calgary’s Happy Hour of the Week, they’re also the undisputed champs of wordplay. Cancel your evening plans, folks. Tonight we’re sipping on creatively named cocktails at Cleaver on 17th Avenue.


Cleaver is unafraid to push the boundaries. In both marketing and their food, they have successfully separated themselves from a lot of other Calgary restos.

Honestly, reading their menu is almost as enjoyable as actually eating or drinking something off of it. Try not laughing when you order a half cock and a feckin’ lunatic. How about a sticky wicket or a diddly diddly?

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They definitely bring the giggles, folks, but don’t get it twisted! The quality of food, service and cocktails are anything but a joke, and neither is their happy hour!

From Thursday through to Sunday, catch incredible deals, like $6 beer, wine and cocktails, or $4 sliders! This really shouldn’t be difficult, because their happy “hour” starts when they open and ends at 7 pm, then picks up again after 9 pm.


This has to be the longest HH in the entire city, right? Damn good thing too, because it’ll take us a good part of the day to actually order anything without a snort and some tears.


Where: 524 17 Ave SW, Calgary

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