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Get Village Ice Cream’s delicious seasonal flavour before it’s gone

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We love us some Village Ice Cream, no matter the weather. 50 below? Ice cream. Rain, sleet, and snow? Ice cream. Luckily, it’s finally nice enough to walk around the city without freezing the tips of your fingers off. All the better to enjoy Village Ice Cream’s seasonal flavour!

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January tastes like yogurt and granola! At least it does at Village, and it’s getting down to the wire. Consider this your last call. Until the end of the month, you can grab a scoop or two of their take on frozen yogurt. Creamy yogurt base, swirls of blueberry jam, and pieces of buttery crumble? Put us down for an entire tub.

Now the only question is whether you’ll put the Village Ice Cream seasonal flavour in a cone or a cup. Obviously, the only answer is in a cone. This post was made by Cone Crew.


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