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Get ready to rally: The Back Alley is about to return to Calgary!

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Get ready to mark your calendars, folks, because The Back Alley is set to return to Calgary. Yes, you heard that right. The Back Alley, in all its napkin throwing, $2 dollar tequila shot glory, is set to open again soon. In a year of closures and relocations, this is exactly the type of nostalgic hype we needed.

The new Back Alley will be right where it should be, reclaiming the south Calgary location that Marquee just vacated. The reimagined Alley is guaranteeing that the same atmosphere that made the original club so unique but includes a few changes to spice things up.

The (new) Back Alley will be keeping some of the leftover decor from Marquee, so expect it to feel a tad more upscale than before. That being said, the rock’n’roll charm of the original Alley is meant to remain intact…just with a little bit of top 40, r&b, and rap thrown in the mix.


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This time around, local entrepreneurs Jim Turner and Dennis O’Neil have one big goal in mind— providing some of the best customer experience you can find in the city. They are boasting to have staff be friendly, welcoming, and ultimately showing all customers one hell of a good time. Hey, it sounds like a winning strategy to us.

To top it all off, Gruman’s Deli will be serving up all their classic sandos inside the club. That’s right, party peeps, the new Back Alley in Calgary will have you eating, dancing, drinking, and having the throwback time of your lives.

Keep an eye on us for even more information coming soon. Cheers!

The Back Alley

When: Grand Opening TBD
Where: 4630 MacLeod Trail SW

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