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From waffles to noodle soup for $1, this new Bubble Waffle Cafe has it all

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Got a craving for stinky tofu? Who doesn’t, right? All jokes aside, a new Asian snack spot has opened up and it’s lookin’ tasty. Curry fish balls, egg waffles, rice noodle roll, fish soups… this place doesn’t quit, and its name is Bubble Waffle Cafe.

We highly recommend trying what they’re named for (bubble waffles!), but if you wanna stick to the HK-style waffles we get it. Their twist potatoes are also a solid choice, and we have to admit they bring a little tear to our eye remembering all those Stampede treats from July… sigh. Till next year.

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Since we’re also savvy folk, we gotta give props to BWC for their insane deals. Anywhere we can pick our own noodle soup bowls and enjoy an original flavour bubble waffle for just $1(!!) is an unreal place in our books.

You know we’ll be diving into some matcha waffles at our earliest opportunity. What kind you going for, Calgary? Cheesecake, Oreo, chocolate, black sesame? The options are endless…

Bubble Waffle Cafe

Where: Unit 103, 303 Centre St SW

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