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Eat in good conscience at the first vegan deli in Calgary

Via charcuterieyyc

It’s 2019, and everyone deserves a slice of happiness. Some would just prefer that their slice be plant-based. This week Southern Alberta opened its very first vegan deli right here in Calgary!

Charcuterie Vegan Deli is the locally sourced answer to your wine and cheese nights and even labor day BBQs. They’re completely stocked with everything you’d expect to find in any other deli, just without the animal byproduct! But they don’t stop at “meat” and “cheese,” they’re kind of a one-stop-shop for everything veggie-centric.

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They’ve got incredible looking vegan chocolates, vegan spices, and even vegan popcorn. Truth is we’re still trying to wrap our heads around how some of this is even possible. The “meat” legit all looks and tastes just like meat. It’s crazy impressive.

So it’s looking like it’ll be an ethical thanksgiving this year, pardon those turkeys. Heck, Invite them for dinner, even! But you better do your shopping early, seasonal eats have already started selling out!


Where: 4 3315 26 Avenue SW, Calgary

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