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CRAFT downtown closes for new rooftop patio renovations

CRAFT Toronto Patio via Curiocity Group IncCraft Toronto patio via Curiocity Group Inc.

Arguably the spot that solidified the craft beer scene (ha) in Calgary, CRAFT Beer Market will be closing its doors at the end of the month for renovations. Fortunately for all you beer nuts out there, the second location at Southcentre will stay open. Even more fortunately, CRAFT will be introducing a massive rooftop patio after renovations. Oh, baby.

According to a press release, CRAFT will be closed down for about two months to ‘focus on the social and experiential aspect’ of the beer hall. Also, that CRAFT rooftop patio will fit 300 people and will open sometime in 2020.

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Woo, well that’s a relief. We thought for a second that they would try and rush through it, and open the patio for like a week or two at the end of September just to challenge the rooftop at National on 10th. Who knows, maybe they could have caught one or two days of sun before the city collectively shuts down for winter?

We would have been there, though. Well, when we aren’t at the Hotel Arts pool or chilling above Broken City. But still, we’re ready for them to take advantage of the space.

Anyway, go get your fill and raise a glass to this Calgary institution before they close their doors. In the meantime, just let your daydreams of the CRAFT rooftop patio fly around your head for the next year or so.

Craft Beer Market

When: Closing Sunday, July 28
Where: 345 10 Avenue SW

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