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Caffeinate your long weekend with $10 coffee jars from Rosso

Photo via Rosso

Calgary, it’s about to be a beautiful long weekend, and to make it even more brew-tiful Rosso’s coffee jars and coffee jar refills are only $10! Because Rosso loves you a-latté, you can really give your long weekend a kick… okay, we’ll cool it with the coffee puns.

Available at all locations, take advantage of this killer offer and stock up on your Rosso Coffee faves! Enjoy Tipping Point or Two Wheel Espresso, or even go a little crazy and try single-origin coffees (like Bumbogo and Buena Vista). Everything Rosso brews, they brew for you, Calgary– so pick up or refill your coffee jar for only $10 until September 2nd!


We’ve got news for you: you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee (which is probably why everyone leaving Rosso is always smiling). $10 in exchange for consciously-sourced and authentically-roasted coffee beans will leave anyone with a sunglasses emoji attitude. A small cost to pay for coffee-filled delight!

So espresso yourself! (We know, we know, we said we’d stop.)  But Rosso believes their coffee blends are individualistic and each one has a story to tell! What story does your go-to coffee blend tell about you? All we know is it’s deep, very deep. At the end of the day, Rosso is facilitating a story of growth and passion and not just the stories of their coffees, but the stories of the partners, community and even you!


When: August 29 – September 2
Where: Coffee jars and refills available at all locations!

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