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Bug-based eating has hit AB, and we’re kicking things off with crickets

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So, 2018 was a big year of plant-based eating. That’s cool, we can dig it. A&W’s Beyond Meat Burger? Bomb af. For 2019, it looks like Alberta is getting into… Bug-based eating. Yep, you read that right. Bug. Based. Eating.

This is thanks to two Albertan entrepreneurs, Claudio La Rocca and Silvia Ronzani. Because of them, the province might be getting their first cricket farm. Just west of Edmonton, Wildwood will be the home of low-impact food production in the form of bug-farming. Their backgrounds in entomology, environmental science, and biology are backing up their theory that the future of food is insects.


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According to the duo behind Camola Foods, cricket powder has a variety of benefits. Besides adding protein and vitamins to a recipe, it’s positive in other ways too. Mainly, the sustainability of farming crickets… And how it has the ability to feed growing populations with little impact.

Okay, that all sounds great, in theory. We’re all for lessening environmental impact, but the thought of eating crickets is bugging us out. (See what we did there?) Camola Foods is already offering a few bug-based items you can try. One of them is “bugscotti”, so you’ll just have to use your own judgment there.

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bug-based eating

Also, whoever branded crickets as “land shrimp” is cruisin’ for a bruisin’. We swear if we hear “throw a land shrimp on the grill” at any BBQs this summer, we’re quitting eating for good.

Anyways, our verdict on the subject? Undecided. Protein we can trust, rely on, and know where it comes from, is great. Eating bugs? Hmm…not so great.

Anyways, you’ll just have to try for yourself once their farm is up and running! We’ll keep you posted on when you can grab your crick(eats).

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