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Bite of the Week: Footlong waygu beef hot dog

Photo via @flowerandwolfcalgaryCuriocity Group Inc.Photo via @flowerandwolfcalgary

They say you are what you eat, and if that’s true then we must be footlong hot dogs. Sounds weird, but hey– it’s what you get when you tune in for a Curiocity Calgary Bite of the Week!

bite of week calgary

You’ve definitely heard of Flower & Wolf– or at least you have if you’ve been checking up on our channels. This new resto inside the Eau Claire Sheraton is old meets new in all the best ways. You got a classy social space, globally-inspired dishes, and some seriously crushable reimagined cocktails.

bite of week calgary

Anywho, we’re here to talk about the Footlong Waygu Beef Hot Dog. This thing is long (obviously), but it’s also boujee. With truffle sauerkraut, dijonnaise, crispy onions, and pickled jalapeño, it’s a magical journey for your taste buds.

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hot dog calgary

We’d dare you to finish it, but honestly we don’t have any doubt in your eating abilities. Have fun trying this one Calgary!

Flower & Wolf

Where: 255 Barclay Parade SW