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Are you ready? The grand re-opening of the Back Alley is this Friday

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is here, Calgary. Get hydrated, pre-order an Uber and brace yourselves. It’s finally time to rally. The grand re-opening of the Back Alley nightclub is this weekend!

This month would have already been full of nostalgia with the decade coming to a close, but toss a few napkins and a couple of $2 shots into the mix and it’s like we’ve actually traveled back in time. The legendary Calgary night club has reclaimed their location in the south that they gave up to The Marquee in 2013.

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Club owners Jim Turner and Dennis O’Neil have remained pretty tight-lipped about their grand reopening, but we do know a few things for sure. The Alley won’t look exactly as it did before because they’ve kept some of the decor The Marquee had left behind. Calgary’s Grumans Deli will be serving up sandwiches inside the club, and they’ll be delish.

In addition to the rotating rock’n’roll tracklist that made the Back Alley unique, they’ll also play a mix of a little top 40, R&B, AND this Friday, shots of Jager will only be $4.50, Redbulls will only be $2.25 and Rev’s will be $3.50 all night long, so you should probably cancel your Saturday brunch plans immediately.

Times have changed, but we’re hoping the wild atmosphere at the Alley hasn’t. We guess we’ll just have to wait until this weekend to find out!


When: December 6
Where: 4630 MacLeod Trail SW

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