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An inside look at the tastiest ethical coffee house in Calgary

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Sought x Found Coffee Roasters is probably one of the coolest ethical coffee houses in Calgary. They buy and source earth-friendly beans, so while you slurp you can feel good about yourself.

Perched up on Centre Street in Crescent Heights, Sought x Found is easy to find. Their business model has them exclusively working with green suppliers who value traceability, transparency, and quality.

Sought x found coffee roasters
Even more, on Sundays, Sought x Found invites beverage experts to do guided tastings. This tasting event is pretty exclusive, though, so make sure to sign up for the mailing list if you want an invite. It’s basically a who’s who of the local coffee scene, so make sure you bring your A game.

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Sought x found coffee roasters

The whole business mantra at Sought x Found is to let the coffee speak for itself. The shop values and embraces the natural flavors and characters of their coffee, so if you’re a designer-coffee addict, who can’t do without thirty shots of hazelnut in each cup, this might not be your place.  On the other hand, if you’re a java purist then this might be your new favorite place.

Sought x found coffee roasters

Sought is the kind of company that’s heart beats only for products local to YYC. Products that will make people feel as good as their coffee tastes. They source as close as they can, where ever they can!

Their whole milk is from right here in Southern Alberta, they use handcrafted chocolate bars from Kin+Pod, which are located right here in Calgary, and they’re closely partnered with Matsu Kaze Tea, Sarjesa, and Butter Block & Co. That’s a top-notch crew of locally-owned businesses if we’ve ever seen one.

If this place has caught your eye, you can check out more information on their products here!

Sought x Found Coffee Roasters

Where: 916 Centre Street N, Calgary

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