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An exclusive look at Calgary’s first taiyaki dessert spot

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You’ve seen them on Insta, you’ve obsessed over how delicious they look, and you’ve wondered where the heck you can get them. Yes, Calgary, we’re talking about those adorable Japanese fish cones, and we’re telling you they’re here in the city. All you gotta do is hit up Uzu Taiyaki!

taiyaki cone fish ice cream

You may be thinking to yourself, “why tho?” And honestly Calgs, that’s a fair question. We don’t know why people want to eat ice cream out of a waffle shaped like a fish, but now that it’s an option we can’t get enough. These golden cakes are the perfect combo of crispy and fluffy, but that’s not even the best part.

uzu taiyaki calgary fish cone

It’s Uzu’s monthly soft serve flavours that really have us losing it. From birthday cake to Oreo to Matcha, there are tons of ways to customize your swirl. And if you’re feeling adventurous, they have crazier kinds like Salted Duck Egg Yolk and Yam & Ginger. Traditional? Maybe not. But tasty? You betcha.

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uzu taiyaki ice cream calgary

But we’re still not done. Once you pick your soft serve, you’ve gotta go wild with toppings– and Uzu’s got a looooot of ’em. Try homemade, toasted marshmallows from The Chocolate Lab, gummy bears, Pocky sticks, Teddy Grahams, and more. We could honestly go all day, but it’s just better if you see for yourself.

uzu taiyaki ice cream calgary

So pick a cone, fill it with red bean or Nutella filling, layer on that soft serve, Salt Bae your toppings on, and go to town. Or choose a cup or regular waffle cone and skip the fun stuff. We don’t know why you’d do that, but hey– crazy people do exist.

uzu taiyaki calgary ice cream

These treats are as ‘grammable as they are satisfying, so don’t miss your chance to light up your feed and treat your tastebuds all at once. We’ll see you there Calgary!

Uzu Taiyaki

Where: 110 2 Ave SE #1
When: Monday–Thursday 5pm-9pm; Friday–Sunday 2pm–9pm

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