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9 of the craziest food photos from Stampede (Part 2)

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Alright, Calgary. It’s time for the second round up of the craziest food you can try at the Calgary Stampede this year! If you missed the first one, have no fear. You can go back and peruse the weirdness later. But for now, here’s 9 of the most insane eats from ‘Pede– buckle up!

Deep Fried Giant Squid

stampede food

We thought we’d had enough with the Octo-lollies, but nope. The deep sea treats just keep coming. Least this one’s cooked though… right?

Where: Happy Fish Truck

Deep Fried Rainbow Oreos

stampede food
Well, this is one way to taste the rainbow. Again, we’re going with a deep fried theme. Again, our arteries probably aren’t doing great after we scarf 5 of ’em down. But who cares! You’re eating Oreos of every flavour, it don’t get better than this!

Where: Funnel Cake & Elephant Ears

Footlong Fries

stampede food

Short fries, your time has passed. It’s time for these tall bois to take over, and we’re down for it. Between Chipotle Mayo and Butter Chicken, we think we like Butter Chicken better. We’re regular Paula Deens over here (minus the racism)!

Where: Freakk Fries

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Red Velvet Mini Doughnuts

stampede food

Omgomgomg. We honestly didn’t think mini doughnuts could get any better, but we stand here corrected. Not only do these cute lil guys come on a stick, they also have major CCG energy (Cream Cheese Glaze, duh).

Where: Mini Donut Factory

Monster Bug Bowl

stampede food

Honestly. Can we not? This makes us feel like crawling into a hole and never returning to the light of day. …Which is probably what that beetle was planning on doing before we plucked it out to become a sundae topper. 😬

Where: Monster Cones

Shirley Temple Boba Fish Bowl

stampede food

Now this is something we can get down with. Throw a lil extra spice in there (wink wink) and you’ve got yourself one hell of a recipe for a good time.

Where: Family Squeezed

Smokin’ Butter Beer Ice Cream

stampede food
People absolutely lose their minds for Harry Potter stuff, and we get it. Spells and wizards are rad. So give Butter Beer Ice Cream a shot! Comes in a black charcoal cone or in a smokin’ cup with a wafer wand. Magical.

Where: Summerland Soft Serve

Pickle Ice Cream

stampede food
Pickle. Again. Cool! Awesome! We feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone or a daydream of Snooki’s or something. Either way it’s terrifying, but either way we’re diving into this dilly monstrosity.

Where: So Cute Ice Cream


stampede food
Snickers Bar + Pickle + Hot Dog = Snickledog, but it ≠ Happiness. Actually, maybe it does. Reviews are mixed on this bad boy, but all we know is that our taste buds are probably ready to jump ship at this point.

Where: Big CoCo’s Corndogs

There you go Calgs! It’s time to go try this insane Stampede food, stat. If you don’t you’re not doing things right. Not opinion, just fact.

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