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8 restaurants you have to try at Calgary’s foodie heaven- International Avenue

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We’re just going to go ahead and say it, the far SE of Calgary’s 17th Avenue is extremely overlooked. In a span of only a few blocks, you can literally taste the entire globe… You’ll probably have to be rolled back to your car, but it would have been worth it! If you haven’t already taken a self-guided food tour, let today be the day. In fact, we’ll even help you guys out with your edible journey over land and sea! Here are 8 restaurants along Calgary’s International Avenue that you have to try. And keep in mind, these 8 are just the tip of a very tasty iceberg.


Pho Dau Bo is an incredibly tasty traditional family-run restaurant. They’ve been around since 2008, and in that time have perfected the art of customer service. Their broth is cooked for an insane 16 hours and they use fresh ingredients. Pho lovers should definitely check this place out!

Where: 110 – 4909, 17 Avenue SE


Breakfast is the word at Mom’s. From pies to bacon and eggs, this family restaurant will remind you of Sunday mornings at your parent’s place. Have a mimosa and some pancakes but leave room for dessert! Trust us, you’ll want to crush one of their doughy delights.

Where: 5016 17th Ave SE



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We Stan home-style cooking! Begim, a family-owned and operated resto, was actually the very first in Alberta to celebrate Uzbekistan cuisine – but they have really held their own. Their lamb pilau is to die for, and their service is a perfect 10.

Where: 4413 17 Ave SE

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A favourite amongst those local to the area, this tasty spot serves only the finest authentically made Indonesian food. Here, everything is prepared in the kitchen, using only real ingredients, MSG has been totally avoided and most of their menu is actually gluten-free, for the most part.

Where: 3917 17th Ave SE


Chillies is an incredibly welcome spot with authentic Pakistani food. Like many places down International Avenue, this isn’t the place you go if you want over the top decor, but it is the place you go for an incredible meal. Word on the street is that their kabobs are a life changer. Who doesn’t love a good kabob?

Where: 5020 17 Ave SE


Every day is a good day for Tacos. Bravo has some of the best in the entire city, but don’t just take our word for it – check those reviews.  This small International Ave resto packs a major punch – and will leave you thinking about their out of this world flavour for – what might be– ever.

Where: 3503 17 Ave SE Calgary


Experience the Mediterranian the way that it was intended. Deliciously covered in sweet sauce. Shawarma Palace has been open since 2009 and is yet, another, family-owned and operated spot. We’re seeing a pattern on International Ave, are you? With flavour, texture, and boldness – these guys are a standout in a city of some incredible late-night eateries. 3:30 am donair, anyone?

Where: 3820 17 Ave SE


Smack dab right in the middle of International Avenue, you’ll find Golden Cactus, the crown jewel of 17th SE.  This Mexican grill is bright, full of spice, and friendly, making it a tough spot to compete with. One bite of a churro and you’re on cloud nine. This place is special, folks. Check it out.

Where: 5315 17 Ave SE

There you have it, folks. 8 restaurants you have to try on International Avenue. Go out there and change your lives! You’ll thank us later.