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5 tasty restaurants you should order delivery from this weekend

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5 Tasty restaurants you should order delivery from this weekend

Happy Fri-yay, fam! It’s finally the weekend! We’re about ready to spend the weekend inside taking it easy, maybe we’ll binge a series on Netflix, lounge around in sweats. Y’know, basically exactly what we’ve been doing for an entire week straight. If we’re being honest, every day has kind of felt like a Saturday, but we’re hoping that ordering something from one of our favourite restos will make it feel more celebratory. Here are 5 incredible Calgary restaurants offering delivery to try this weekend.


Looking to try something way out of the box? If you’ve never eaten at Foreign Concept, now is as good a time as any! Their menu is full of modern Asian eats and almost eccentric fusion dishes like squid ink spaghetti and beef short rib fried forbidden rice.

Service: Door Dash


How about some Italian this weekend? Annabelle’s kitchen is a tasty little place in Garrison Woods, with authentic Italian, and fantastic service, which we promise you would experience if you were able to actually sit in the resto. They’re offering meal kits and take away meals, with delivery until 8 pm.

Service: Call restaurant at: 403-454-0268

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What goes well with a glass of wine? Fondue, of course! Moonlight and Eli now has “takeout fondue kits” that come with ingredients and instructions! It’s practically foolproof, and delivery is only $10 unless you’re within 5 km, in which case it’s totally free!

Service: Call restaurant at: 587-907-8316


Market is offering FREE wine, beer, and food delivery. For that reason, we definitely recommend ordering from them this weekend! Their menu includes tasty meat-heavy Canadian eats along with beers and spirits from local breweries.

Service: Door Dash


Arepas Ranch is a family-owned food truck that also operates out of the Avenida Food Hall. Never had an arepa? Ooooh, you are in for a treat. An arepa, if we can explain it as simply as possible, is kind of a  South American cross between a taco and a sandwich. Trust us when we say that they’re insanely good.

Service: Skip the Dishes

There you have it, Calgary. A few fantastic restaurants offering delivery! Social-isolation Saturdays are for the arepa! Actually every day is a good day for arepas. Drool.

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