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5 new restaurants to try this weekend in Calgary

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Happy Friday, foodies! They say (no one says this,) that when one restaurant door closes, another one opens, and we’ve had quite a few closures lately. But there’s no need to dwell, there’s no shortage of eateries in this city! Here are 5 restaurants to try this weekend in Calgary.


The folks behind the ‘locally sourced, good for you’ bakery have just opened their very first sit-down full-service restaurant. Grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their new spot, located in the heart of the Beltline under a unique canopy-like structure. It’s the same food you know and love, just in a formal setting.

Where: 340 – 13 Avenue SW


hart healthy foods

Hart Healthy Foods is owned and operated by Alex Hart, daughter of hometown hero Bret “The Hitmen” Hart. Almost everything you need to know about this place is in the name. They’re all about healthy family-friendly food, and we can tell you from our own experience that it’s delish. Their Belgian waffles, in particular, are phenomenal.

Where: 612 – 5 St SE, Calgary

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Late-night sweet tooth? Yeah, not for long. You’ll probably eat yourself into a sugar coma at this place, but the downtime will be worth it. Of course, they have bar food place holders, but the stars of the menu are piled high, and probably covered in fudge. You name the dessert, they’ve got it…or they’ve put it on something else as a topping.

Where: 100 – 933, 17 Ave SW, Calgary



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So far, we’ve covered lunch, dinner, and dessert, but we’re missing the most important meal of the day! Queens Breakfast is a new brand new diner on Edmonton Trail where the owners know a little something about running a successful joint. If you’ve heard of, and already love Vero Bistro you’ll probably enjoy this place too, because they’re actually owned by the same crowd! Get the royal treatment at any time this weekend! They’re open for brekkie (and cocktails) all day long.

Where: 3927 Edmonton Trail, Calgary


We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, it’s supposed to snow on Sunday. The good news is there’s a place you can get some comfort food to cope, where everything is under $13. Dilish has beer, salad, sandwiches, kombucha, and a dessert. We dare you to tell us that isn’t everything you need to wait out a storm!

Where: 1211 Edmonton Trail #130, Calgary

Hopefully, this will be enough to curve those weekend cravings. You have five new Calgary restaurants and 6 meals, so there’s really no excuse to crush the entire list – if we’ve done our math properly. Happy eating!

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