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5 new Calgary restaurants that you have to try ASAP

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What’s up fellow overeaters? It’s us again, your friendly neighbourhood foodaholics. We’ve compiled 5 new Calgary restaurants that just opened or will be opening in the next few months, wayho! Mark ’em on your calendar, make a reso or two, and get ready to inhale some tasty, tasty bites.

Sidewalk Citizen 2.0

sidewalk citizen

Okay, so we’re pretty sure this place won’t actually be called Sidewalk Citizen 2.0. But it will be just as delicious as the OG Sidewalk Citizen, and it’ll be feeding us 24/7 come September.

Where:  Memorial Park
When: Tentative opening September 2019

Moonlight & Eli

fondue cheese dip

Awk, this place was supposed to have opened in January. Oh well, better late than never, right? Summer bod plans got thrown out the window a while ago, but now we’re fully invested in the cheese and bubbly way of life.

Where: 627 1 Ave NE
When: Just opened!

6A Snack Bar

asian street food calgary

This brand new spot just opened, but we’re already obsessed. Gotta love a place that brings authentic Asian street food to Calgary! From mantou to mango pudding to zongzi, there’s a selection of eats here that you honestly can’t get anywhere else.

Where: 10B 6219 Centre Street NW
When: Just opened!

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Just BBQ

just bbq

Just BBQ opened a few weeks ago in Calgary, and has brought a new variety of Taiwanese food to the city. From bubble tea to beef noodle soup, it seems as though the world is finally catching up to Taiwan’s incredible cuisine, and we’re loving every second of it.

Where: 102-1211 Edmonton Trail NE
When: Just opened!

Comery Block

The time has come for Hayden Block to make its 17th Avenue presence felt with Comery Block. This new offering will feature West Tennessee barbecue and bourbon as opposed to the former’s Texas-style menu. We’re sold!

Where: 638 17th Avenue SW
When: Just opened!

And that does it for today’s roundup! Now go forth and eat, and make sure you tag us in all your new Calgary restaurants snaps. We love to eat through our screen, you know?

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