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Guide: 5 cocktails in Calgary you have to try right now

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calgary cocktails

You get to a fancy new cocktail bar, you sit down and you look at the menu for 30 minutes before ordering the same thing you always order. Sound familiar? We’ve got to stop doing this, people! There are some wild sips out there. Here are 5 unique cocktails in Calgary worth checking out!


To say that this drink is simply ‘original’ would be an insult to whoever curated this bad boy. The Butter Lover mixes cognac, rum, coconut, dill infused gin, vanilla, and popcorn butter foam. This is a Calgary must try, guys. Popcorn butter foam is an edible journey through what might honestly be space and time. It’s something else.

Where: 104, 620 8th Ave SW, Calgary


The Worm Eater is where class and sophistication meet 6 year old in a candy store. Enjoy mezcal, reposado, agave, orange and lemon zest served with a side of gummy worms for some reason. We dig it!

Where: 524 17 Avenue SW, Calgary



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Listen, if we could put Yard Arm’s entire drink menu on here, we would. The Born to Be Wild is a strange but tasty combo. With Bulleit, Pineau des Charentes, english breakfast tea, lapsang tea, lemon and freaking Pabst Blue Ribbon of all things. They really did that.

Where: 107 535 8th Avenue SE, Calgary

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You can’t have a “you have to try this cocktail” list without including Proof. This place knows what is up when it comes to mixology, but their Montresor is a standout. This particular drink was inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe classic ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ minus all the murder, and mixes amontillado sherry, cognac, Amaro Montenegro, lemon, black tea and sesame.

Where: 1302 1ST Street SW, Calgary


calgary cocktails

Call us a pyromaniac, but there’s something magical about a drink garnished with fire. The Zombie at Waalflower is like a fireworks show for mice. The whole spectacle is short-lived, but it leaves a long-lasting impression. We promise it’s worth checking out.

Where: 24 4 St NE, Calgary

How’s about those cocktails, Calgary?! Sure looks a lot better than that vodka soda with lime you probably would’ve ordered, right? Enjoy yourselves and your private pyrotechnic show!

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