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Twisted Element in Calgary to host 3-course Dinner Drag Series!

Via Twisted Element YYC / Facebook

Like so many other unsuspecting bars and restaurants, Calgary’s Twisted Element has had to take a bit of a beat in response to the COVID-19 virus. However, now that restrictions are more relaxed, the temporarily reinvented Pride Pub is launching an inevitably iconic Calgary Drag Dinner Series as a way to entertain, excite and set themselves apart from other sit-down venues. All without putting anyone in harm’s way!

This reworked dinner series will be anything but ordinary. With the pub operating at a max capacity of about 60 people, Twisted has been able to make way for just enough hungry guests to justify hosting an entire (more intimate than what we’re used to) show!

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In addition to fabulous cocktails, Friday night diners can also clap, dance and scream their way through their 3-course meal with long time residents and city royalty Mr. Terri Stevens and Justine Tyme (+weekly guest!). Ah, it’s almost just like old times!

If you’re interested in attending, and we know most of you are, tickets for the Drag Dinner Series are available now and can be purchased here! This Friday, pass the salt, pepper and glitter. Trust us, you will not want to miss this!


When: Every Friday
Where: 1006 11 Ave SW, Calgary
Time: 6 pm
Cost: $50