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Theatre Calgary’s new dark comedy is a can’t-miss production

Via Theatre Calgary

Are you looking for a comedy darker than the circles under your eyes? Well, you’re in luck. Theatre Calgary’s new piece, Iceland, is set in Toronto and follows the story of an exchange student, an escort, and a businessman and their relationship with money, greed, and righteousness.

You’ll see each of them struggle with how far they will go for cash through three interconnected monologues. Lust, greed, money, questionable morals and murder…audiences are in for a play that will make you feel you did something wrong just by watching…and laughing? It is a dark comedy after all.

This humorous one-act play is written by Nicolas Billon, Canadian writer behind The Elephant Song, Butcher, and of course, Iceland, and stars three talented Calgary actors.


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Theatre Calgary has made Iceland extremely affordable with tickets starting at just $20 plus tax.

They’re lifting the caution tape on this crime scene and welcoming 16 of you to sit on stage each night for just $35, every performance. Those who dare to purchase these scanda-lisciously good seats will be seated behind the set, peering through windows onto the stage, watching things unravel.

Iceland is one of Theatre Calgary’s shorter run productions and definitely something you won’t want to miss. Grab your tickets and get ready to laugh at some all too real jokes about money and greed.

Iceland – Theatre Calgary

When: Oct 15 – Nov 2, 2019
Where: Theater Calgary
Cost: Tickets starting from $20 + Tax

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