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The world’s best young chefs contest goes down in Calgary today

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For the second time in 43 years, the best young chefs contest has come to Canada to participate in the prestigious ‘La Chaine des Rotisseurs‘ event. What’s more, it marks the first time that SAIT’s culinary school gets to host them.

The Iron Chef-style contest will see contestants use mystery ingredients to create a 3-course meal. What’s more, they’ve only got three and a half hours to do it.

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best young chefs contest

The participants come from as far away as Australia, and all have won their own national contests to have secured a spot. All of them have to be 27 or younger, and most come from high-end hotels and resorts.

Darnell Banman from Winnipeg is the Canadian contestant. He is a chef at the prestigious Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club.

The SAIT Culinary School students are also winners here, though. That’s because they get to watch the best young chefs contest and learn from the skill of the participants. It’s a rare opportunity, that’s for sure.

Heck, we would probably benefit from swinging by, too. Last time we tried to cook something fancy we ended up boiling water the wrong way.

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