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Catch the mind-bending ‘Mesmerica’ show in Calgary this weekend

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In need of a little escape from reality? How about an hour-long out of body experience? Mesmerica 360 is a “sensory-stimulating” show, set to a hypnotic soundtrack composed by Grammy-nominated percussionist, James Hood.

The images shown throughout the show are only what we can describe as a “family-friendly acid trip.” You could just look through a kaleidoscope while listening to a symphonic Spotify playlist. We just think that’ll be harder to explain at the watercooler when a co-worker asks what you did on Saturday.

Mesmerica 360

The immersive experience is ‘designed to transcend time and space,’ Which is quite the promise we’re not sure anyone is able to keep.  Luckily for us, this is a traveling production, so we did read a few reviews from past showings. Whether or not it’s actually enjoyable, well, that’s still pretty unclear.

Some say that it was “soothing and extraordinary” and “the best thing (they’ve) ever seen.” Some say that it was just “boring.” One person gave it five stars but also mentioned that it left them unable to walk for a short period of time… which is honestly just concerning.

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We’re willing to give it a go when it opens tomorrow, but until then we’ll be skeptical! If you’re also interested in temporarily losing the ability to move your limbs, you can find tickets for the show here.


When: November 9
Where: Telus Spark Science Centre
Cost: $13+

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