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REGRUB founder to throw Inclusion + Tech Summit for new local start-up


The founder of one of Calgary’s favourite burger & milkshake spots has a brand new start-up ready to change the city’s hospitality scene. Jose Azares, who opened up REGRUB five years back, is ready to introduce his newest business – NIDUM. It’s a start-up that helps solve staffing issues for restaurants and businesses with high turnovers, all the while creating more employment opportunities for Calgarians.

In order to get the ball rolling on NIDUM, Azares and his team have organized an INCLUSION + TECH Summit that will be taking place on October 28th. What’s the summit about? Good question!

The whole theme of the event is to open up discussions about what inclusion means to Calgarians and how the work world and tech world makes room for everyone.

As a part of the event, NIDUM is gathering one-word answers to the question “What’s INCLUSION to you?” Those answers will be put together in a video to showcase a whole scope of inclusion’s true meaning.

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By creating “engaging virtual reality training modules that help with recruitment, onboarding, and training while being accessible to people of different abilities”, NIDUM is ready to change what inclusion means to Calgarians and people beyond.

The event on October 28th will include discussions presented by Azares himself, along with other leading professionals in the VR and tech world. Good people, with a good product, making the world a better place. Isn’t that what life’s all about, Calgary?

NIDUM Inclusion + Tech Summit

When: October 28th at 11 am
Where: cSpace King Edward, 1721 29 Ave SW