6 must-do things at the Calgary Stampede we know about so far

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Listen up, the 2019 Calgary Stampede is less than a month away. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. We’re already mentally and physically preparing ourselves for 10 straight days of raucous fun and irresponsible debauchery, but we do need a little guidance. Oh, so you’re in the same boat? Good to hear. We guess it’s a good thing that we’ve put together a preliminary must-do and must-see list for this year’s Calgary Stampede. Now, this will inevitably change. We’re talking about the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, after all. That being said, we think we’ve got a good handle on things so far.

Dill Food Frenzy

calgary stampede food
First off, this is a little weird. Apparently, 2019 is the year of dill pickle taking over the flavour profile of things it never, ever should. You’ll be able to find Dill Pickle Pops and Pickle Ice Cream on the midway this year. If that is something you’re excited about, may God help you find your taste buds.

A Brand New Beer Garden

wildhorse saloon tent calgary
One of the greatest things about the Calgary Stampede is that the entire city celebrates. That’s precisely why you can find Stampede tents pretty damn far away from the grounds. Okay, Wildhorse Saloon and Tent is still downtown, but it’s still a hike from the Stampede grounds. Guess what makes that hike easier; a massive outdoor beer garden. You’ll be able to find us there approximately 3 out of 10 nights. *Note: This is a very, very rough estimate.

Tiesto & Kaskade

tiesto knoxvilles calgary stampede
Next up on our list of things to do at the Calgary Stampede is hitting up Knoxvilles. Heads up, people, we could fill this list with the stacked lineup they’ve managed to finagle this year. Instead, we’ve decided to focus on an OG EDM legend. Tiesto will be playing on Wednesday, July 10th. No, it’s not country music. Also, it may be very off theme. That being said, seeing one of EDM’s biggest stars of all time in an indoor/outdoor tent during the Calgary Stampede is impossible to pass up.

Blondie & Billy Idol at Roundup Music Fest

roundup musicfest lineup calgary
It’s not country, and it’s not new. Roundup Music Fest doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is; a dynamite showcase of old-school tunes. Blondie and Billy Idol headline this day of jams at Shaw Millenium Park.

Bryan Adams at Oxford Stomp

Summer of ’69 is the soundtrack to every good Canadian’s life. Disagree? Then we’ve got a problem. All jokes seriousness aside, Oxford Stomp is a hell of a show. Catch them at Shaw Millenium Park on Friday, July 12th.

Cook with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri Cowboys Music Festival
Firstly, we don’t want you to go to this event. Why? Because we want to get Guy’s attention without you distracting him. You may be a Guy Fieri fan, but are you a big enough fan to get his signature tattooed on your skin? Probably not. We may not be either, but come Thursday, July 11th at Cowboys Tent we’ll know for sure.

So there you have it folks! 8 things you have to see at the Calgary Stampede this year. Like we said before, we’re pretty sure the events are just gonna keep comin’, but this is a good start. We’ll see you there!

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