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Eat & drink apple everything (and we mean everything) at this tasty fall festival

Via Unplash / Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Did you guys know that there are over 7,500 different varieties of apples in existence? That’s insane, no? Here at Curiocity, we like to celebrate the little things even though 2020 has made that unbelievable difficult. Basically, if finding out that an apple of every origin could practically fill the Saddledome is what we’ve got – then so be it! This month, check out Granary Road for their 4th annual Applefest, the fun farm, and markets most a-peeling event to date.

We joke, but this whole shindig is actually going to be huge, guys.

From giant balloon apples to cider demonstrations and candy apple making, Apple fest will leave you … probably never wanting a granny smith ever again, if we’re being honest.

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As we’re sure you’ve already bagged, Granary Road is really embracing the fuji theme – also serving some amazing foods including, but not limited to: Apple crisp perogies, Caramelized Apple Pizza, Apple Cheese, Apple Ice Cream, Apple Loaves and Chicken Burgers with Apple.

Is the word ‘apple’ starting to lose it’s meaning to anyone else?

In short, what we’re trying to say here is… if you’re hoping to “keep the doctor away” for a few years – this is probably the event for you.

Check it out, folks, it’s going to be hardcore… 


When: Saturday, September 26th and September 27th
Where: 226066 112 St W, Foothills County, AB