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A Friends-themed brunch is coming to Calgary this spring

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And anothaaa one! The folks behind the Drake themed AM party are back, and they’re bringing a slice of Rachel Green’s infamous shepherd’s pie trifle with them. Prepare yourselves for another shot of nostalgia straight to that little 90s heart of yours. A Calgary Friends-themed brunch is in the works for this spring!

The two-hour-long brunch will have drinks and food available. But of course, the main draws are the costume contest, the trivia, and a bunch of games to be played with your fellow guests.

This is actually the second time a Friends-themed brunch will be hitting a secret YYC location. There is also one scheduled for February 23rd, so this is great news for anyone who didn’t snag a ticket for the OG event in time.

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Full disclosure, we only really dipped our toes into what has become the Friends phenomenon, so we’re not as well versed as many of you in Central Perk etiquette. Throw a Buffy brunch and we could write a handbook on the do’s and don’ts.

Do we know if we know how a barista could’ve afforded an apartment of that size in New York? No. Do we know if we’re a Joey or a Ross? Well, we’ve been told we’re a Chandler type, but is that accurate? We don’t know.

What we do know is that the city is about to be overrun by armadillo costumes, bad 90s haircuts and turkey headpieces. Man, we can’t wait.

The One Where They All Went For Brunch

When: Sunday, May 31st
Where: TBD
Tickets: Free

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