You can take an online tour of Vegas’s eccentric Neon museum

Via The Neon Museum

You can take an online tour of Vegas's eccentric Neon museum

There’s a virtual tour for everything and thank goodness because how else would we see the outside world? We can think of a million things we’d rather look at then the alleyway behind our apartment building, one of them being the lights of the Vegas strip. Luckily, right from the couch, we can escape isolation and check out places like The Neon Museum in Nevada.

The Neon Museum is basically a luxe retirement home for iconic Las Vegas signage. The outdoor exhibition space, which they call the “boneyard,” is home to neon beauties from The Hard Rock Café, the Golden Nugget, Sassy Sally’s, the Stardust, and the Riviera, among a ton of others.

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The “tour” also includes audio narration and a sneak peek into their feature exhibit, Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum. Trust us, Tim Burton and neon v. Las Vegas is a visual throuple made in heaven. You’re going to want to check it out.

The Neon Museum has been crazy active on social media, so if you don’t quite get your fill after taking the tour you can follow them out on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy Isolating, folks!