Watch Jack Black scare the hell out of Courtney Cox, Ben Stiller & more for charity (VIDEO)

Via Celebrity Escape Room / Youtube

We freaking love Jack Black. We also love 90s TV shows, charity, and you guys, which is why we needed to share this. Prepare for your daily dose of heartwarming light and fluffy content, because Jack Black locked Friends stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow along with Ben Stiller and Adam Scott in an escape room for Red Nose Day, a charity event.

Red Nose Day is an annual charity event, that uses the power of entertainment to raise money for programs that support children in need.

This year, in the honest spirit of 2020, in order to entertain us and raise money, the organization basically just let Jack Black maniacally laugh at people while pressing buttons. It’s gold.

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For those who have never been in an escape room, maybe it’s actually for the best. Typically each anxiety-inducing game requires a team of at least 3 people. The group will then have an hour or so to solve a series of riddles, puzzles and follow clues in order to escape the room.

You only kind of hate everyone by the end of it, but it’s something to do. Now imagine doing all of this, but it’s televised and a legendary comedian is harassing you the entire time. Fun, right?

Wrong. Judging by the collective reactions of Stiller, Scott, Cox, and Kudrow, to Black’s antics, we’d say it was… for charity.

To see the entire episode of the Celebrity Escape Room for Red Nose day check out the video above. Enjoy!

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