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The Calgary Stampede just made a surprise fireworks announcement!

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Saddle up! Despite its cancellation, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth will still light up the night! This month, in place of the midway and the Grand Stand show as we know it, Bell and the Calgary Stampede have announced a Fireworks Spectacular that will take the evening skyline, in celebration of our city’s resilient spirit.

On Friday, July 3rd and Sunday, 12th, Calgarians will be able to watch an incredible fireworks display, as long as they have a decent view of the downtown area.

“This is going to be an incredible show and we can’t wait to share the experience with our community,” said President & Chairman of the Stampede Board, Dana Peers in a press release.

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Just to give you guys an idea about the size and scale of this thing, for the public’s safety, Stampede Park will actually be closed off for this event. The organization will actually be utilizing the entire space to set off these fireworks. The entire space, guys. That’s insane!

Now, because this is an event for everyone, for those who may not have an unobstructed view of the inner city, CTV and Bell will also be broadcasting the whole thing live, set to music, which can be heard by tuning into FUNNY 1060 AM!

“It’s a fireworks show for everyone – in your yard or in your home. We encourage you to find a safe place, and show Calgary’s Spirit!” added Peers.

The organization also took the time to thank the city and Alberta Health Services who helped make this possible – as if they haven’t already done enough for us!

“We believe We’re Greatest Together, and together on July 3 and 12 we will celebrate our community’s remarkable spirit and resiliency with the Bell Fireworks Spectacular,” they concluded.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again! The virus can keep us out of Victoria Park, but it can’t keep the Stampede from living within each and every single one of us! We ride on!


When: Friday, July 3rd and Sunday, July 12th
Where: Across the city skyline or on CTV
Time: 11 pm MT

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