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Some Canadians can now stream with friends using the new Disney+ GroupWatch feature

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With a chill in the air and COVID lurking on Canada’s public surfaces, a ton of people have decided that instead of going out on a Friday night, they’re more comfortable catching a flick from the couch. This fall, for some lucky users, instead of streaming the Halloween Town series and binging it all alone, they’ll be able to use GroupWatch, a new Disney+ extension that will allow you to enjoy a movie or TV show remotely with friends!

Unfortunately, this is still a pilot program and won’t be available to everyone in Canada just yet, but it’s coming!

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Those who do have it though, won’t have to cry their way through the Lion King alone as long as whoever they choose to watch it with has a valid account and access to wifi. It’s honestly that easy!

Without having to download a third-party app, users can simply click the GroupWatch button on Disney+ and enjoy with their 5 of their closest pals, much like Netflix Party or Scener which also allows movies and TV to be enjoyed with others.

The test will run until later this fall when it’s expected to roll out nationwide – so if you don’t get it, don’t fret! Your time will come – and it will be well worth the wait.