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Ride on the magical Polar Express™ near Calgary this holiday season

Via Curiocity Calgary

All aboard! Get ready for a ride to the North Pole. Golden tickets get a special punch when you take a ride on the POLAR EXPRESS™. Be enchanted by a world filled with wonder, and enjoy hot cocoa, sleigh bells and even Santa himself.


Trade-in your jeans for comfy, cozy PJs and revel in pure holiday bliss this Christmas season. Only here for a couple more weeks, be entertained by dancing chefs, while sipping hot chocolate as you take this magical journey.

Just like in the movie, characters will perform a reading of the book, families, and children will be greeted by Santa and receive their very own sleigh bell. The first gift of Christmas. *Cue the ugly Christmas crying*

calgary aspen crossing polar express

Nothing says Christmas holidays like boarding a train with the final destination being the North Pole. Each train car is eloquently decorated, so it’s a no brainer that the POLAR EXPRESS™ is the most Christmas-y thing you can do. Immerse yourself in wonderment and make your trip to the North Pole an annual tradition.

calgary aspen crossing polar express

The POLAR EXPRESS™ is close to an hour. During the first hour, Santa and his merry Christmas elves board the train for your viewing amusement. Passing out cookies, hot cocoa, and golden tickets, Santa and co. do not disappoint!

Get those pipes ready to sing along to songs from the motion picture soundtrack during this enchanting adventure.

calgary aspen crossing polar express


Dates for this holiday tradition are already selling out. Fair enough, seeing as Aspen is only 45 minutes SE of the city – it’s closer than you think, pals. Throughout December, take in the sights, sounds and smells of the most wonderful time of the year during the POLAR EXPRESS™ train ride.

Just as the saying goes, you have everything you need if you just believe. See you out there, Calgary!

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