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Paul Brandt is headlining the 2021 Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show

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We’ve maintained the belief that Stampede 2021 will be the BIGGEST year ever. As if we needed any more convincing, the folks behind the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth announced that country superstar, and Calgary sweetheart, Paul Brandt will be headlining the next year’s Bell Grandstand Show!

“The Stampede holds a special place in my heart, having strong roots here. I was proud to headline the Grandstand Show during the Stampede’s Centennial year – a year of transition as we moved forward into a new century,” said Brandt in a press release. “I’m thrilled to headline for a second time as we transition from 2020 to 2021 with optimism and hope – after a year off, the Bell Grandstand Show will be bigger and better than ever.”

Like the years prior, the Grandstand Show will also feature additional vocals and performances by the Young Canadians during its 10-day run.

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“The Calgary Stampede is known for bringing world-class entertainment, but also the unique spirit of the city that makes Stampede time so special,” continued Brandt. ”It’s a feeling that needs to be experienced in person.”

In the same release, Rod Tate, Director of Programming for the Calgary Stampede, said that having the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee felt natural and that they were welcoming his presence with open arms. Honestly, though, it’s Paul freaking Brandt, how could you not?

If you’re interested in checking out next year’s show and were hoping to reserve your ticket to the 2021 Grandstand headlined by Paul Brandt as soon as possible, those bad boys will be on sale in the fall, on their website here.

How exciting?!

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