No weekend plans? Don’t panic! Check out one of these online escape rooms

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We’ve developed a deeper attachment to our sweatpants in the last few months than we’d like to admit. Staying in has become the new going out, but what are we supposed to do now that we’ve watched all of Netflix? We may have found the solution in Panic Room Online Escape Rooms!

Panic Room Online is a sharable, remote activity with dozens of different games that you can explore from your couch either with your roommate, significant other, and even your family or friends elsewhere by logging in to Zoom or Houseparty.

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Online Escape Rooms – The Panic Room Online from The Panic Room on Vimeo.

As it is with traditional in-person experiences, teams can choose between several genre rooms. Solve an old school murder case, play as explorers trekking through ancient ruins, or make your way through a haunted mansion by solving clues, riddles, and working together.

Rooms can be purchased one at a time or in a bundle, and come with access to the website and an entrance code. It also includes instructions (obvy), an optional “mood-setting” 90-minute soundtrack, and they can be played on almost every wi-fi compatible device.

With border closures and even in province travel still kind of risky, this is the perfect way to socialize, team build, or just crush the boredom.

You can check out the official Panic Room Online Escape Room website here, and scroll through their rooms yourselves! If you ask us, grabbing a glass of wine and playing super sleuth from the couch sounds a hell of a lot better than trying to coordinate another outfit with a facemask – but that’s just one opinion.

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