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Kanye West’s ‘Jesus is King’ movie is showing in Calgary!

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Ye aka YEEZUS aka Kanye West has announced a film to accompany his new album Jesus is King, and it’s coming to Calgary. The film, playing October 24th at Chinook’s IMAX theatre, offers a look into his famous ‘Sunday Service’ performed at the never-before-seen Roden Crater.

Let’s unpack all of this a little bit. If you didn’t notice, Kanye has been going through some things over the past couple of years. From good and kinda weird decisions (no cursing on the new album) to bad and very weird ones (“Slavery was a choice”, MAGA hat), the man has become a divisive pop culture icon.

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Part of this newfound identity is his latest project, Jesus is King. The new album is heavily influenced by Gospel music, and fans have been waiting with bated breath for it ever since it was first teased.

Meanwhile, Roden Crater is James Turrell’s massive new installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert. It’s been in the works for 45 years, and Kanye actually donated $10 million USD to help move the project forward. We guess that’s probably why he got the exclusive first look.

It’s pretty chill that he decided to share the moment with his fans, we have to admit. Hustle up and grab your tickets fast, peeps. Kanye West’s Jesus Is King movie is playing for one night only in Calgary, and we expect it to sell out real quick.

Jesus is King: A Kanye West Film

When: Thursday, October 24
Where: Scotiabank Theatre Chinook

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