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Calgary is getting a very spooky drive-in halloween experience next month!

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Alright, so Halloween is going to look a little bit different than last year or the year before. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to get our spooks elbow to elbow with other Calgarians, but we will be able to sneak a fright or two bumper to bumper thanks to Haunted Calgary. This October, feel so safe it’s scary at The devils Drive-in, a 2020 Halloween Experience.

Instead of haunted houses and ghoulish parties, Halloween lovers can enjoy their favourite holiday sans danger at Balzac’s New Horizon Mall.

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This one-of-a-kind fear factory will be totally distance-friendly and adheres to all of the recommended COVID guidelines, meaning October 31st is not actually cancelled this year!

So how exactly will this work? Well, basically, after you purchase a ticket and arrive at the mall, you’ll be loaded into their ‘scare bay’ and asked to turn off your engine and hand over your keys. In their own words, “there is no escape from safety.”

If we had to guess, each vehicle will either be guided by a sort of oversized conveyor belt like at the car wash OR, it will be a stationary experience. Either way, October could not come any faster.

Let’s go, ghouls! We are ready!


When: Saturday, October 10th – 31st
Where: 260300 Writing Creek Cres, Rocky View County, AB
Cost: $50/car