Calgary and Edmonton’s orchestras created a beautiful online video

Via Larisa Birta

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Nothing really compares to a live performance. Unfortunately, it may be a while until we feel the vibrations from the speakers in our feet, or the echo of an instrument through a crowded amphitheatre again. Luckily, many artists have taken to the web, putting on entire concerts, taking requests and reminding us that we’re all in this together. Last week it was John Legend, but this week, it was the legends, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

In an almost gut-wrenching video posted yesterday, professional musicians from Alberta’s major cities perform their 2020 project: Elgar’s Nimrod Variation IX from the Enigma Variations, from the comfort of their own homes.

Never heard of it? understandable… we’re not aware of any previous radio play and we’re pretty sure it isn’t on Spotify. Just trust us when we say, regardless of its mainstream popularity, it’s worth a listen.

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The sound quality is aces and the emotions these musicians are so clearly feeling transcend the screen. If you don’t catch feelings while watching this video, we’re really not sure what will do the trick.

We can assure all of you, our group vid-chats have not been this productive or sounded as remotely pleasant. Maybe we’ll pull that recorder out from 2nd grade?!

If either of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra or the Edmonton Symphony is looking for an above-average recorder player, hit us up! You can catch us in our one human show – Overboard: The Theme Song From Titanic, Drunkenly Played From A Kitchen Floor, on our Instagram and Facebook live streams this weekend. We’re feeling inspired!

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