6 Netflix docuseries you’ve got to watch right now

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netflix docuseries

You’re bored, we’re bored, everybody’s bored. Sometimes social-isolation just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  But you know what always gets our interest piqued? Some super informative and hella entertaining docuseries on Netflix, that’s what! And if you’re also in need of a little informative learning, you’ll definitely want to check these out too.

Here are 6 Netflix docuseries to watch right now.


If self-isolation is giving you major cabin fever, this is the series for you! Explore the world of nature with tons of episodes focused around different areas of, you guessed it, our planet. The images are straight-up beautiful and the soothing narration will send all your worries away.


And if you want the worries to come right back, check out this true-crime docuseries. It’s a three-parter that will take you on a chilling journey to hunt down an Internet killer. No spoilers here, but seriously, you might just be thankful for social distancing once you get through this one.

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netflix docuseries


This six-part docuseries will take you through the trials and tribulations of an elite high school cheerleading squad. Get out your pom-poms and knee-high socks, this sport is much more competitive than we ever dreamed!


This Netflix original docuseries is a must-see for the beginner documentary watchers. They’ve got two seasons worth of episodes, each one tackling a different topic. They’re all only about 20 minutes long and are super digestible. You’re sure to be hooked in no time.


Let’s talk about corporate greed, let’s talk about you and me. This docuseries takes on corporate corruption, security fraud, and *ahem* creative accounting. They’ve got two seasons out, so there’s plenty of content to fuel your next conspiracy theory. Or to wake you up… Hmmm, we’re not even sure anymore.


Alright, now for the bonus. Even though it only released this past weekend, Tiger King has taken social media by storm. Exotic animals, bizarre characters, murder, espionage, and much more. What else could you want?

So what are you waiting for? Check out these awesome Netflix docuseries and expand your mind. Ahh, we feel like intellectuals already!

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