10 new movies and shows that are actually worth streaming

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Well happy Friday, Canada! Despite what Instagram is telling you, there really is no shame in staying in, ordering some take out and sharing screens with a few friends – especially because there are some really great movies and TV shows totally worth streaming. This weekend, tune out and log in to Netflix, Amazon or Crave for a 3-day binge-athon and stay safe, stay warm and stay current.

Promising Young Woman

Starring Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman is a dark comedy about revenge, redemption, and the pains of being underestimated. The cast is incredible, the movie is unpredictable and for those of you who care about this kind of thing, every frame is beautifully lit. Now, depending on who you talk to the ending might not land, but it’s still totally worth watching. Check it out!

Where: Amazon Prime

Behind Her Eyes

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Behind her Eyes is a genre-defying series that will have your jaw on the floor by the last episode. This show is gripping, challenging, strange and like Promising Women, is incredibly unpredictable. If you’re the kind of fan who likes to pick a movie or TV show apart scene by scene – watch, learn, listen carefully and stay open-minded.

Where: Netflix

Amend: The Fight For America

Narrated by Will Smith, Amend breaks down the 14th Amendment of the American constitution. You definitely don’t have to live in the states to appreciate how well this docuseries is done – but be warned, it’s not easy to watch.  Though it’s incredibly informative, you’ll likely be left infuriated and in tears.

Where: Netflix

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Netflix’s newest docuseries Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel had us confused, heartbroken, and frustrated. Over the course of 4 episodes, the audience is taken through the short life and mysterious death of Vancouverite Elisa Lam, who was found in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Fair warning though, it’s addictive but not particularly great.

Where: Netflix

I Care A Lot

Starring Peter Dinklage and Rosamund Pike, who most will recognize as “that crazy lady from Gone Girl,” I Care A Lot is a dark comedy about a sideways legal guardian who takes advantage of the elderly men and women placed under her care. Eventually, she meets in a match in Jennifer, a woman who is underestimated because of her weakening appearance and age. The acting in this film is the toppers, the writing is super smart and the storylines are totally original. Would recommend!

Where: Amazon Prime

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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

This sci-fi, fantasy, rom-com with two talented leads, a sweet message, and lighthearted energy. It’s basically Groundhog Day meets every young adult novel, but it’s cute, quirky and it makes you feel things. Is this a revolutionary film? No, but it’s a good watch.

Where: Amazon Prime

Malcolm and Marie

Featuring incredible performances by Zendaya and John David Washington, Malcolm and Marie explores the fragility of a relationship in a stripped-down, raw and realistic way. This movie is definitely not for everyone because it is dialogue-heavy and has been described as ‘slow’ by many, but it’s a beautiful film with two incredibly talented people and we actually enjoyed it. Maybe you will too.

Where: Netflix

History of Swear Words

Alright, so this show is anything but high brow, but it is ridiculous, dramatic, and incredibly enjoyable. Over the course of 6 episodes learn a thing or two about your favourite and least favorite words, their history and get insight on how they’ve affected pop culture… or just turn your brain off and take it all for face value.

Where: Netflix


Being a Publicist is a dirty job. British dramedy, Flack follows a PR team as they break the rules, break the law and break the spirits of anyone who challenges them. This show is messy, funny, dark and for those who dream of a life of scandal, excitement and lack a moral compass, might have you considering a career change.

Where: Amazon Prime

To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Alright, so if you haven’t watched any of the movies in the To All The Boys series, maybe pencil in some time over the weekend to do so. Are they the best films every made? Absolutely not, but, like The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things, they’ll make you feel all the warm fuzzies… while simultaneously making you feel kind of old. These movies are cute, and the third and final installment in the series is no exception.

Where: Netflix

There you have it, friends! 10 new movies and TV shows actually worth streaming this weekend. Let us know what you watched and if we missed anything on Facebook or Instagram!