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Your favourite late night spot in Calgary is back in action!

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Restrictions are lifting, the Ghost of Stampede Past is upon us, and life seems to be *slightly* going back to normal again. Halle-to-the-lujah! With the return of our regular(ish) routine, we’re desperately trying to figure out what we’re going to do to fill the void left by Stampede 2020. Thankfully, Calgary’s one and only GRETA Bar is back! The place where you can go and always feel welcome, and where you can also slam back Soju like it’s nobody’s business before embarrassing yourself at Mario Kart. Oh wait, is that just us?…

Anyways, here’s the lowdown on what’s going on at GRETA from now till the end of summer.

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The 10-day festival we all know and love might have been cancelled this year, but the Spirit of Stampede lives on in our hearts and it’ll be living on in GRETA. Our favourite arcade-eatery-bar is the closest thing we have to the Midway in Calgary, so naturally they are throwing a Stampede party of their own! GRETA Stampede Midway kicks off this Friday, July 3rd! Ya-friggin-HOO!!


GRETA is now open Wednesdays to Sundays from 4pm to 2am. TWO. A. M. Yep, one of the few places in YYC open that late right now!


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To comply with AHS regulations & restrictions, GRETA will be booking out their arcade in time slot pods, so you and your group of up to 6 to make sure you’re playing safe while playing hard. So make sure you use GRETA’s Arcade Booking Form before you head down, and allow 24 hours after you submit for a response (with no same-day bookings). OH, and on Thursdays games are ½ priced all day, baby! Just make sure you book in advance to take advantage of this unreal deal.


All day $5 GRETA Burgers. Yeah, you read that right folks. Only $5 for the burger of all burgers all summer long. It’s made with a quarter-pound of wagyu beef, american cheese, and all the classic fixings nestled inside of a brioche bun. We’re not drooling, you’re drooling!!!

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The day we’ve all been waiting for! GRETA now has a streetfront patio equipped with fire tables to keep you warm all day and night long, because we all know that a Calgary summer can get a ‘lil from time to time.


From 4pm to 7pm Thursday to Saturday, you can revel in one of the best happy hours our city has to offer. House Beers and Highballs are $4 from 4pm to 5pm, $5 5pm to 6pm, and $6 from 6pm to 7pm!

Well friends, there you have it. We’ll see you there, Calgary!

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