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Sit back and relax at the newest boutique spa in Calgary (VIDEO)

Via Cedarandsteam.com

Roll your shoulders back, stop clenching your jaw, and breathe! Why so tense, pal? Get rid of all that stress at the new Cedar and Steam in Calgary. The boutique spa just opened over the summer and they’re offering a new take on a traditional way to chill-out.

Guests at Cedar and Steam can sit back, relax, and have a zero-proof drink or two in the sauna. Because they wouldn’t want anyone to get dehydrated! The best part of the whole thing? Cedar and Steam are also wallet-friendly. That means you can decompress without worrying about how much you just spent to do it.

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Hang out in their name-sake sweat-lodge; a unisex, “shh-free” zone, where they encourage their guests to meet someone new and enjoy some friendly conversation. A little weird, but there are worst places to meet someone, we guess?

The amenities at Cedar and Steam, much like your new relationship to Joe in the towel over there, don’t require any commitment if you don’t want it to. Most sauna facilities are in gyms, where you have to sign away 2+ years of your life. Others are added as a bonus in a spa package that requires you to also get a facial… and massage, and a pedicure. At Cedar, you can just drop in and dip out as you please.

Cedar and steam

The spa also offers massages, because would it even a spa if they didn’t? And cupping! Which is actually brand new to their location. You can even customize your entire massage experience with your choice of aromatherapy. Fancy.

On your way out, if you haven’t already, you can also stop at the Remedy Bar for fresh kombucha draft. They even have takeaway growlers, just in case you’re really crazy about the stuff.

So go on, get loose, Calgary. Ease up, and wind down!


Where: 102 – 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE, Calgary

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