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Rental of the Week: An ‘old money’ acreage on the edge of a golf course

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Well, hello there! Welcome to another installment of the Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week! You’re in for a treat and also a lot of loose similes. Sorry, not sorry. For example: this week’s featured home is giving us serious Vincent Price vacation home, Clue – whodunnit vibes, but we’re totally here for it. It’s large, unique and parlour chic AF. Let’s just dive in, shall we?


Rental of the WeekRental of the Week

Sitting way out in Valley Ridge, this place is a stunning piece of real estate. The grounds surrounding the home look insane and we mean that in whatever context you agree with. It’s grand and green, but we imagine that mowing the lawn would also be an absolute nightmare. We suppose you could hire someone to do that for you because, you know, you’re rich.

The interior is almost exactly what you’d expect from a house this size – in the stereotypical sense. If any of these walls could talk, they’d probably just tell you to “sit up straight” at the dinner table.

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Rental of the Week

The living room looks like it would be the heart of the home. There is an incredible two-sided stone fireplace along with panoramic windows featuring an amazing view of the Bow River.

The quantity of kitchen appliances feel like some weird flex. There are 2 ovens, 2 dishwashers, and 2 fridges. Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner would be ready a few hours earlier, we guess? But we’re not sure why anyone would need all of that any other day of the year. To each their own.

Rental of the WeekRental of the Week

This 6,600 square foot home has four bedrooms and six-bathrooms, a games room with a pool table, a gym with equipment and access to Valley Ridge golf course. Fancy.

Un-surprisingly, this in-city home, because yeah contrary to its country appearance its only 20 minutes to downtown, is a sickly $6500.00 a month – But it’s pet-friendly, so, worth it?

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