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Rental of the Week: Insane luxury in a massive Beltline spot

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What’s up, folks? Welcome back to another Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week. This time around we’ve thrown conventional house-hunting out the window and locked our eyes onto one of the most elegant buildings in Calgary. We’ve featured rental options from The Estate before, but as far as one-bedroom offerings go, this one is hard to beat.

Here is what the Calgary Rental of the Week has to offer:

curiocity calgary rental of the week the estate

First off, this bad boy is furnished. Oftentimes, places that come furnished can be a curse instead of a blessing. You could hate that massive, unmoveable couch in the corner, despise the kitchenware but keep it because it’s expensive, or be saddled with needing to find a storage locker to hide all of the hideous furnishings. Fortunately, that isn’t the case here.

curiocity calgary rental of the week the estate

Sitting pretty with nearly 1700 square feet of space, this ultra-luxury condo definitely isn’t short on size. Featuring two bathrooms and a den that can double as a guest bedroom, it’s all-around impressive.

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Everything is beautifully decorated. Not only that, but it’s all relatively understated which means you can change it up without much work. Very nice!

curiocity calgary rental of the week the estate

From the TV setup to the king-size bed in the massive master suite, everything here is looking great. Also, the soaker tub and walk-through closet are very solid touches. Anyone moving in here shoots straight to the upper-class within the week.

the estate

Last but not least, all utilities are included. We’re talking water, electricity, cable, Apple TVs, Wifi, and one underground parking stall. Not bad at all.

All of this could be yours for only…$4500 a month. Okay, well sorry for getting your hopes up with this one! Hey, at least it was nice to look at.