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Rental of the Week: Sparkling white on white in West Hillhurst

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At first, our choice for this Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week made us feel uneasy. It was giving us serious luxury asylum, Whiteout spill feels, but now that we’ve taken more time to really appreciate the design and craftsmanship we… still feel that way, honestly. Guys, the suites in the Upper West Apartments are beautiful, don’t get us wrong. The finishes are gorgeous, and the location is incredible, but they’re for the most devoted white and bright fans among us.


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Perhaps it’s just the photos? Nah, it really is that white in here. The suites in this West Hillhurst building are bright and generously sized. Here, you’re right by the river, Mount Royal, and transit. You’re only minutes from downtown and Kensington, and the building is brand-spankin’ new. Win, win, win, win, for some.

Unfortunately for those with a messy roommate or S/O, keeping the clean, bright decor clean and bright would take elbow grease we’re only willing to throw down once a week. Imagine having to clear your schedule for the evening because someone made pasta with marinara sauce. Hard pass.

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Each suite features gorgeous Caesarstone countertops. The kitchen has integrated kitchen appliances, plenty of counter and cabinet space, and an island.

The suites are all open concept, which means you’ll have a ton of space to have friends or family over, and there are large floor to ceiling windows.

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We’ll admit that the size of the bedrooms, the massive closet, and the ensuites in most of these apartments had us going for a minute there. Alas, a creature of the night like ourselves prefers something a little darker, with a forgiving tile.

If you and us are completely different people and you’re excited by the white, you can check out the original listing for a suite in the Upper West apartment building¬†here. She’ll only cost you a cool $1,825 a month. Peanuts, right? We’re just turning down the brightness on our screen here.