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Rental of the Week: A fully-furnished New York-style loft

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Hi there, hopeful renters! Welcome back to another edition of the Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week. As fall approaches, more and more leases turn over and the city’s rental market gets pretty dang interesting. For instance, we’ve got something this week that will probably be snapped up before you’re done reading this article. With that in mind, we’ll keep it brief so you’ve got a chance at the Calgary Rental of the Week!

Calgary Rental of the Week: 101 – 535 10 Ave SW

Hudson Lofts downtown Calgary

We’ve featured lofts here before, but we’re always stoked to see a new one because Calgary has such a limited loft selection. That’s why this New York-style loft that just popped up for rent has us so excited. What’s a NY-style loft? We’re glad you asked. Here is a quick definition so you’re not surprised.

“(NY-style)-lofts are characterized by wide-open rooms, high ceilings supported by thick columns, heavy-duty wooden floors, beefy walls, and large windows. They are typically shown in sitcoms without any explanation of how the oft-broke characters pay for such a badass living space.”

kitchen hudson lofts downtown calgary

We may have added that last bit ourselves. Nevertheless, the Hudson Lofts in downtown Calgary feature everything a loft-lover could want. With vaulted ceilings, a wide-open layout, and exposed brick, this charming unit is perfect for a couple of young professionals or a single person looking for a little extra swagger.

Hudson Lofts downtown Calgary curiocity rental of the week

Also, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom loft comes fully furnished with beautiful original art, sleek furniture, and even a handmade Persian rug. Not bad at all.

Hudson Lofts downtown Calgary curiocity rental of the week

Oh, we almost forgot! This is also one of the few lofts in downtown Calgary with a commercial license, which means you can convert any or all of the space into an office.

All in all, this loft is available for rent for $1900 a month. That includes heat, water, but unfortunately no parking spot. After all, it’s New York-style.

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