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Neighbourhood Guide: A perfect afternoon in Inglewood

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Howdy Cowtown! We’re back with another Neighborhood Guide. This time, we’re taking a stroll down Calgary’s OG main street! Yup, we’re talkin’ about Inglewood– home of trendy restos, YYC’s newest art, one-of-a-kind shops, and various hipstery folk. Here’s how to spend a perfect afternoon here.

Grab a sando at Spolumbo’s

inglewood neighborhood
Decked with sports memorabilia and hungry people, Spolumbo’s is a perfect place to grab a quick lunch. Authentic Italian comfort food doesn’t get much better than their Meatball Sandwich, ok?! It’s the perfect snack to chow down on while admiring the new bronze statue (Wolfe and the Sparrows, check it).

Get chirped at the Bird Sanctuary

inglewood neighborhood
The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a great place to reconnect with neature! Over 70 species of birds, 21 species of mammals and 347 species of plants have been recorded there, so grab your binoculars and enjoy the ~*wilderness*~.

Pick up some new tunes at Recordland

recordland calgary
This place has got Canada’s largest selection of vinyl at around one million records! If that number doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will. From the Eagles to the XX to Anderson Paak, the variety of music here is top notch. No, Bhad Bhabie is not in their collection (at least we really hope not).

Spice it up at the Silk Road

inglewood neighborhood
We really hope you’re not the type that thinks pepper is spicy, but if you are, then kindly expand your horizons (we’re begging you). The Silk Road has everything from popcorn seasonings to essential Thai blends, so drop by to take your cooking from “meh” to amazing.

Grab afternoon delight at Aylmer Nelson

Weed is legal now, guys! It’s time to grab something at Aylmer Nelson to significantly improve your afternoon. As Inglewood’s first weed shop, it’s the perfect place to drop by. You can’t miss it either– in a little house on 9th Ave, you’ll be able to recognize it by the mural on the side of the building (done by local artist Cassie Suche!). Grand opening’s on May 23rd!

Dinner time at Without Papers

WOP’s transformed into a wicked free live music venue on the weekends at night, so drop by to jam out. Not a weekend? No worries! Their creative ‘zas will keep you entertained (and full!) regardless.

Late night snacks at Blackfoot Truckstop

truckstop diner
Open 24/7, Blackfoot Truckstop’s a perfect place to unwind after your long afternoon! Check it out for a ceiling train track, old school jukeboxes, and famous Flapper pie.

Finish your night with doggos at Cold Garden

local beers calgary cold garden
Pineapple disco balls, second-hand couches, pool noodles and doggos galore! Cold Garden’s got award-winning beers, so it’s the perfect place to end your day. Pro tip: don’t leave without sipping on Cakeface. It tastes like a legit cake, but in beer form. Score.

That’s all we got pals! Try not to have too zany of a time out there, we wouldn’t want to have to call the fun police on you.

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