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Home of the Week: A massive two-level penthouse in Kensington

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If this Curiocity Calgary Home of the Week doesn’t have you feeling like Jack Dawson, screaming a royal decree from the balcony, we don’t know what will. This time around we’re taking a look into one of the largest penthouse suites in Calgary, where the owner will feel like “the king of the worrrrld!”


Home of the weekHome of the week

Oh, you thought a penthouse was just the top floor suite of the building? Level up. This two-story, four-bedroom, six-bathroom home is an impressive 5,200 square feet of sophistication.

All bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet, with large wrap-around windows – a concept they really ran with. We’re not saying a bubble bath with a view may come at the price of an audience from the east tower, but we’re not saying it won’t either.

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Home of the weekHome of the week

The penthouse has tall ceilings and wide-open spaces throughout, so you’ll never really feel like you’re in a fishbowl. Which is nice, considering the 360-degree windows. The kitchen is bright and features a large island and high-end appliances, which is a no-brainer in a home of this level.

Home of the weekHome of the week

The countertops and backsplash are all white marble, which is gorgeous. However, we have a bit of a quarrel with the cabinet situation, or complete lack thereof. Do rich people not have cabinets??

If you have enough money to afford this place, we assume that you also have matchy-matchy fancy plate wear. We’re just imagining our diverse collection of plastic wine and Ikea sales section glasses on full display. No thanks.

Home of the week

This penthouse, even with the exposed cabinets is a lot easier on the eyes, than it is on the wallet. Because of the size and the fact that it’s in such an action-packed neighborhood that should come as no surprise. This bad boy is on the market for a spicy $5,500,000. Totally unrealistic for most – but we can still dream?

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