We can recall the last few days of high school like it was yesterday. Not because we look back at it fondly, but because someone actually released hundreds of grasshoppers in the library while we were studying for a final exam. Now, while it was a little bit traumatic for those in the hop zone, it was an incredibly memorable grad prank – outdone only by the students of Western Canada High School, who this year, have managed to pull off one of the most innocent, but iconic send-offs in YYC history.

Earlier this week, an ad that listed the iconic 17th Avenue property for sale was posted to Kijiji with an asking price of $20 million, and to be honest, if we were packing, it would have been a steal of a deal. This amount of land on one of Calgary’s most popular streets is nothing to ignore, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a couple upstart developers gave the attached phone number a ring. There was, however, one small problem…

The school wasn’t actually for sale.

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Photo Via Kijiji

Written by students of the 2021 graduating class, the Kijiji ad not only listed the century-old building, but it also generously included two school busses, the school’s ‘excellent’ janitorial staff and – get this – the students themselves; apparently though, they didn’t think was enough to grab the public’s attention.

In addition to the ad, they also put several ‘For Sale’ signs on the property’s lawn, more than likely confusing those in and around the area. Classic. 

Unfortunately, for those of you ready to write a cheque, you’ve already missed your chance.

As of Friday morning, the Kijiji ad was actually taken down… but it will never be forgotten.

Kudos, kids, and congrats – on both your killer prank and graduating high school. Y’all did good!